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We are excited to announce the AladdinB2B Scholarship, designed to support aspiring business professionals in their educational and career journeys. This scholarship offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills and connect with industry leaders.

Guaranteed Scholarship

Upto ₹100000 for every student

Admit Guarantee

To top 150 universities from 40000+ worldwide

One-to-One Support

60+ hrs of expert coaching & application support

Join the Aladdin Students Career Opportunities Program

Are you a top-performing student eager to kickstart your career with hands-on experience, practical training, and mentorship? Apply now to join the Aladdin Students Career Opportunities program and take the first step towards a promising career!

    5 Reasons To Study In Aladdin Academy


    Comprehensive Learning Programs

    AladdinB2B offers a wide range of courses and certifications tailored to meet the demands of modern business. Whether you're looking for quick, practical skills or in-depth knowledge, you’ll find programs that suit your needs.


    Practical, Real-World Experience

    Engage in hands-on learning experiences that go beyond theory. Apply what you learn in real business scenarios, preparing you for immediate success in your career.

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    Industry-Expert Instructors

    Learn from seasoned professionals and industry leaders who bring real-world experience and insights to the classroom. Benefit from their expertise and gain a deeper understanding of business dynamics.


    Global Reach and Exposure

    AladdinB2B’s international presence means you’ll gain exposure to global business practices and diverse market perspectives. This global reach enhances your learning experience and broadens your career opportunities.


    Networking Opportunities

    AladdinB2B provides unparalleled networking opportunities through its platform. Connect with peers, mentors, and potential employers at virtual and in-person events, conferences, and B2B meetings.

    Start Building your Career Path

    How to Setup Time Doctor

    Here’s an overview of the instructions for using Time Doctor: 1. **Account Setup**:– When you join, you’ll receive an invitation …

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    Project Management 101

    Aladdin Onboarding Training Overview Welcome to Aladdin! Congratulations on joining our team. This onboarding training presentation is designed to introduce …

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    Protected: Mastering Professional Presentations and Advanced Market Research for Business Success

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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    On ground Team Portal

    It seems like you’re giving an overview of recent updates and features in a tool or platform, possibly related to …

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    Create amazing AI VO in minutes

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    Strategic Communication Essentials

    Strategic Communication Essentials

    The presenter discusses the communication strategy with start-ups for an upcoming trade show, focusing on the business matchmaking aspect of …

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    Email Templates

    This event focuses on facilitating connections between investors and startups, and our goal is to tailor our communication to both …

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    How To Manage Your Files

    In our ongoing effort to enhance the efficiency of our operations at Aladdin Academy, I wanted to address a challenge …

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    Code of Conduct

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    How to create Success Stories

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    Understanding Your Client

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    How to sign up for Aladdin Academy

    How to sign up for Aladdin Academy

    Discover the seamless registration journey on Aladdin Academy’s website as we guide you from accessing the homepage to signing up …

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    Some Important Points

    Stay-back Options

    - 3 Years PGWP and open to PR

    Popular Programs

    - Aladdin Essential
    - Lead Generation
    - Appointment setting
    - Aladdin Technology
    - Customer Success
    - Sales
    - HR

    Benefits of scholarship in Aladdin

    Our Successful Students

    Emily Rodriguez

    She aims to work in global trade, focusing on emerging markets.

    Ahmed Al-Farsi

    He seeks to transition into a strategic role within a multinational corporation.

    Priya Kapoor

    She wants to scale her business and enter new markets.