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The presenter discusses the communication strategy with start-ups for an upcoming trade show, focusing on the business matchmaking aspect of the program between investors and start-ups. The process involves investors selecting start-ups they wish to meet, and the presenter details the steps taken to ensure effective communication and coordination.

The presenter emphasizes the importance of proactive communication with start-ups, despite the organizers providing information to them. To avoid surprises, the team contacts start-ups through emails, calls, or WhatsApp messages. The script used during these communications is shared, demonstrating a structured approach to gather necessary information and set expectations.

The script includes checking if the start-up is the designated attendee, confirming their availability during the trade show, and obtaining details of the decision-maker if someone else will attend. The team ensures the accuracy of contact details, such as email addresses and phone numbers, to facilitate smooth communication during the event.

Additionally, the script addresses the scheduling of meetings during the trade show’s duration and seeks confirmation of the provided email and phone numbers. The presenter mentions the expectation-setting process, informing start-ups that meeting schedules will be sent at least three days before the event, allowing them time to prepare.

Towards the end of the script, there is a request for start-ups to submit their pitch deck or a short video about their founders or product. The presenter outlines the specifications for file size and format. This step aims to enhance the start-ups’ profiles for potential investors and sets the stage for a more fruitful interaction during the trade show.

Furthermore, the video briefly touches upon the option for start-ups to upload their pitch decks through an application, reinforcing the idea of empowering start-ups to take control of their profiles.

The overview concludes with a mention of the attachment of an authorization letter in the first email to start-ups. This letter establishes the presenter’s organization as the official partner authorized by the organizers to contact the start-ups. The importance of clarity in communication and the relevance of the attached authorization letter are highlighted to instill confidence in the start-ups regarding the legitimacy of the outreach.

In summary, the video provides a comprehensive overview of the communication process, from initial contact to setting expectations and collecting necessary information, with the ultimate goal of facilitating successful meetings between investors and start-ups at the upcoming trade show.

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