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Selling During Trade Shows

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In this business conversation, Aman, a representative from a company specializing in business-to-business meetings, engages with potential clients at an event, showcasing a strategic focus on meeting hub packages for enterprises attending trade shows. The Aladdin Meeting Hub is positioned as the ideal solution, emphasizing the value of meetings over mere contacts or leads. Aman expresses genuine interest in the products of the client’s company, highlighting success stories and benefits, particularly in organizing high-quality meetings to boost sales.

The conversation takes an interesting turn as Aisha, another representative from a matchmaking and meeting provider, steps in. She underscores her company’s role in arranging exclusive meetings at the event and offers assistance in navigating their app for meeting requests. Aisha goes beyond the trade show, introducing extended services and emphasizing the significant database her company possesses, separate from the event itself. She details their premium plan, which includes appointment setters for targeted leads.

As the discussion unfolds, Aisha delves into exploring the client’s company, honing in on their vascular devices for the healthcare sector. Aman remains attentive, showcasing a professional and collaborative tone. Aisha, on the other hand, highlights her company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive service, detailing the premium plan and its advantages. The conversation encapsulates a mutual exchange of information, laying the groundwork for a potential collaboration.

The broader context of the conversation reflects the company’s overarching strategy in setting meeting hub packages during trade shows. The focus extends beyond trade show participants, emphasizing the inclusive nature of their target market. Aladin Meeting Hub is positioned as more than a platform for contacts; it is presented as a solution facilitating meaningful face-to-face interactions.

Key elements of the approach include partnerships with trade show organizers for branding opportunities, encouraging positive client experiences, and leveraging word of mouth through referrals. The strategy is comprehensive, involving individual team members receiving feedback and guidance on their approach. Genuine interest, politeness, and effective communication are highlighted as essential components.

Tips for engaging with exhibitors are outlined, emphasizing pre-research, using the matchmaking app, targeting larger booths for higher potential, and ensuring conversations with decision-makers. The overarching goal is to position Aladin as a problem-solving partner, understanding client needs, and offering tailored solutions. The importance of meeting the right person at the booth is underscored, emphasizing the effective use of time and resources.

The tone throughout the conversation and the broader strategy is professional, centered around fostering business connections through effective meeting facilitation. Aman concludes the discussion by expressing interest in receiving more details via email, signaling openness to further exploration of the potential collaboration. The summary provides a comprehensive overview of the business conversation and the strategic approach to setting meeting hub packages during trade shows.

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Alaa Ismail is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, startup mentor, pitch competition judge and advisor with more than 16 years of experience in the trade and exhibition industry. The crux of his entrepreneurial career has been in the trade industry, most notably, founding and running AladdinB2B, an online platform that is transforming the global B2B trade industry with online, hybrid, and in-person solutions.

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