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In this overview, we’re presented with a comprehensive approach to headhunting employees for call centers, targeting international companies. The process involves leveraging advanced tools like G TB (presumably a typo for GPT, a natural language processing model developed by OpenAI) and Sales Navigator, a tool designed for sales professionals on LinkedIn.

The initial step focuses on gathering information on countries providing call center services. This involves using G TB to list these countries and then identifying the top 10 or 20 players in each country. The resulting data is then formatted into a sheet for further analysis.

The second phase involves identifying specific positions within these companies. The roles targeted include telesales, telemarketing, call center representatives, appointment setters, and meeting coordinators. The guide suggests using Sales Navigator to search for these positions, creating a comprehensive list for recruitment purposes.

The primary focus for recruitment is initially on the Philippines, followed by Egypt and South Africa. The rationale behind this selection is the availability of English speakers in the Philippines, Arabic speakers in Egypt, and cost-effectiveness in South Africa, where English is a native language.

The step-by-step guide encourages a systematic approach. Starting with one country, such as the Philippines, the recruiter is advised to input the list of companies and relevant positions into Sales Navigator. This creates a targeted list of potential candidates, allowing for a more efficient and strategic outreach.

The final goal is to build a strong and diverse team quickly by reaching out to potential candidates and assessing their interest in new opportunities.

Overall, this overview provides a clear and actionable plan for headhunting call center employees across different countries, utilizing both AI-generated data and specialized tools for effective recruitment. The strategic focus on specific countries and positions streamlines the process and aims for a rapid and efficient team-building effort.

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Alaa Ismail is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, startup mentor, pitch competition judge and advisor with more than 16 years of experience in the trade and exhibition industry. The crux of his entrepreneurial career has been in the trade industry, most notably, founding and running AladdinB2B, an online platform that is transforming the global B2B trade industry with online, hybrid, and in-person solutions.

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