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Aladdin Onboarding Training Overview

Welcome to Aladdin! Congratulations on joining our team. This onboarding training presentation is designed to introduce you to Aladdin, particularly focusing on the operations team. We aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of our tasks, projects, and expectations.

What is Aladdin?

Aladdin is a B2B matchmaking and VIP meetings solution that facilitates high-quality meetings leading to transactions. Our headquarters is in the US, with regional offices and an on-ground team in the MENA region. We partner with enterprises, trade show organizers, and government export programs to connect precisely matched suppliers, buyers, partners, and investors.

Our Clients and Services
Exhibition Organizers

Our primary clients include exhibition organizers who manage large trade shows like Informa Messy Court, Dubai World Trade Center, and major exhibitions such as JX, Gulf Food, Beauty World, and Paper World. These organizers often provide VIP services and additional programs, including B2B matchmaking between visitors and exhibitors. They hire our services to arrange these B2B meetings, enhancing the value of their exhibitions.

Event Organizers

We also work with B2B conferences and networking event organizers. Depending on their needs, they might license our platform or require our on-ground or call center services. Our role is to facilitate business matchmaking, arrange meetings, and assist their VIPs.

Exhibition Pavilion Organizers

Within large exhibitions, there are often country-specific pavilions, such as a China pavilion or a chamber of commerce pavilion from a particular country. Pavilion organizers hire us to add value to their participants by arranging B2B meetings with potential buyers. This ensures participants meet clients who are genuinely interested in their services or products, leading to more productive exhibition experiences.

Government Departments and Trade Bodies

We collaborate with government departments, trade bodies, and chambers of commerce to arrange meetings outside of exhibitions. For instance, we have worked with the Welsh government for trade missions in the UAE. These missions involve generating leads and arranging meetings with potential clients in the region. The goal is to create opportunities for government representatives to meet potential buyers and partners, fostering international trade relationships.

Overview of the Aladdin App and Projects

Aladdin App
The Aladdin app is a central tool in our operations, used for managing and facilitating B2B matchmaking and VIP meetings. It streamlines the process of connecting suppliers, buyers, partners, and investors.

Projects and Execution
Our projects involve various tasks, including:

Client Engagement: Understanding client needs and customizing our services to meet their requirements.

Lead Generation: Identifying and qualifying potential leads for our clients.

Meeting Arrangements: Scheduling and organizing meetings between our clients and potential business partners.

On-Ground Support: Providing support during events to ensure smooth execution of meetings and VIP services.

Project Schedule and Timeline
Each project follows a specific timeline, starting with initial client engagement, followed by lead generation, meeting arrangements, and on-ground support during events. Adhering to this timeline is crucial to ensure the success of our projects and client satisfaction.

As a new member of Aladdin, you will be integral to our operations team. Your role will involve engaging with clients, generating leads, arranging meetings, and providing on-ground support. By understanding our clients and their needs, you will help facilitate successful B2B matchmaking and VIP meetings, contributing to the growth and success of Aladdin and our clients. Welcome aboard, and we look forward to your contributions to the team!

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An experienced project manager working for more than 10 years in the outsourcing/offshoring industry. Antonette has managed numerous b2b government export visit meetings, trade show matchmaking and government receptions. She is skilled in project + operations management, event management, people management, and b2b appointment setting. She is also an expert in managing hosted buyer programs and cooperating with VIP clients. Antonette holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management.

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