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The training session introduces a new feature in the Aladdin portal, allowing direct calling from the directory, a task previously limited to the match list post-client response. This enhancement simplifies batch calling, particularly beneficial for targeted groups like investors or trade show exhibitors. Detailed contact information is readily accessible, enhancing communication efficiency. Future updates will include tagging for contact status tracking, further improving organization. Additionally, comprehensive individual and company details are easily retrievable within the directory, streamlining information access for productive interactions.

In this session, participants will learn to edit person and company details in the hub. They’ll navigate to the directory from the dashboard, select “People,” and search by name or email to access individual profiles. From there, they can edit various details such as name, email, phone, position, and description, as well as add photos. Similarly, for company details, they’ll navigate to “Companies,” locate the relevant company, and update information like name, employees, type, website, and phone number. It’s emphasized to request briefs about companies and updated websites if necessary and to gather sector/category info based on trade show requirements for accuracy. Finally, participants will learn to save changes by clicking “Submit” or “Apply.”

The video tutorial focuses on arranging meetings from a match list sent to investors or trade show participants for Deep 2024 in Ks A. After filtering responses by batch and “responded,” participants will select participant choices and book meetings, ensuring tables and reminders are set. A new feature confirms meetings, preventing oversights. Availability of participants is considered when scheduling, and booking continues until all responses are addressed. If there are questions, participants are encouraged to ask for clarification. This process ensures efficient and organized meeting arrangements for the upcoming trade show.

Another instructional video emphasizes checking for notes or special instructions while booking meetings. After demonstrating the booking process, participants are advised to review any notes left during outreach calls to accommodate specific requests or scheduling preferences, thus avoiding conflicts. The presenter demonstrates navigating through tabs in the Aladdin hub to locate relevant notes under “People” or company directories, highlighting the efficiency gained from this proactive approach.

Additionally, the overview outlines a process for assigning and managing batches of contacts within the directory for outreach purposes. Different team members are assigned specific batches, and the process involves filtering contacts based on assigned batches and applying relevant tags for tracking progress. Communication icons under “People” are highlighted for contacting individuals, and specific instructions are provided for handling certain cases, such as Arabic-speaking contacts. Overall, the process aims to streamline outreach efforts and improve organization using the directory’s features.

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An experienced project manager working for more than 10 years in the outsourcing/offshoring industry. Antonette has managed numerous b2b government export visit meetings, trade show matchmaking and government receptions. She is skilled in project + operations management, event management, people management, and b2b appointment setting. She is also an expert in managing hosted buyer programs and cooperating with VIP clients. Antonette holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management.

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