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How to Setup Time Doctor

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Here’s an overview of the instructions for using Time Doctor:

1. **Account Setup**:
– When you join, you’ll receive an invitation to Time Doctor.
– Click the link, fill in your full name and create a password.

2. **Installation**:
– Click to install the Time Doctor application.
– After installation, sign in with your email and password.

3. **Dashboard Overview**:
– The dashboard displays total hours tracked.
– You can view tracked hours for today, yesterday, the past 7 days, and the past 30 days.
– It shows the percentage of productive time based on website and app usage.

4. **Manual Time Entry**:
– If you miss recording some hours, request manual time entry through your manager or accountant.

5. **Mobile Time Tracking**:
– Mobile time tracking is available for specific roles like developers.

6. **Working Patterns and Productivity**:
– The dashboard displays your working patterns and productivity percentage.
– Tracks the usage of websites and apps to determine productive and unproductive time.

7. **Reports**:
– Detailed reports summarize your tracked time.
– You can select specific periods to review your activity.

8. **Screencasts**:
– Time Doctor periodically takes screenshots for monitoring.
– Screenshots are reviewed only if performance issues arise.

9. **Settings**:
– Adjust your schedule to ensure better performance and communication.
– Configure timer visibility, tracking notifications, and reminders.

10. **Using the Timer**:
– Start tracking time by selecting the project and task.
– Pause and resume the timer as needed.

11. **Additional Features**:
– Track time spent on emails, Google Docs, and other integrated apps.
– Check your tracked hours for specific tasks and projects.

For any questions or issues, contact HR or send an email to [email protected].

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