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The Aladdin Academy is an internal training initiative aimed at equipping our remote employees across various locations with consistent knowledge. The focus is on documenting crucial processes through video content. By ensuring that each department’s lead generation, appointment setting, and sales processes are recorded as videos, we establish a comprehensive knowledge base. The Academy also extends its reach externally, benefiting potential hires and channel partners who lack the experience. A dedicated workbook structures courses, categorized by different technologies and skill levels—beginner, intermediate, or expert. Employees contributing content become authors, detailing their expertise and creating course segments. The Academy’s goal is to produce 4 courses monthly, composed of 5 to 10 brief videos, totaling 50 certified users in 3 months. This collaborative approach fosters a culture of continuous learning and expertise sharing, strengthening our company’s capabilities.

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Alaa Ismail is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, startup mentor, pitch competition judge and advisor with more than 16 years of experience in the trade and exhibition industry. The crux of his entrepreneurial career has been in the trade industry, most notably, founding and running AladdinB2B, an online platform that is transforming the global B2B trade industry with online, hybrid, and in-person solutions.

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