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How to handle inbound leads in Hubspot

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Handling inbound leads is a critical aspect of our sales process, and it’s essential to ensure that we approach each lead with the right strategy. Here’s a breakdown of how we manage inbound leads, whether they’re from Aladdin or resellers.

First, we check the status of the lead. If the lead is unassigned, we proceed to create a contact owner. The contact owner will be responsible for managing and nurturing the lead. If the lead comes from a specific source, like Sales Mina, we take note of that for reference.

We also examine the lead’s activities to gain more insight. For instance, we can see which pages they visited on our website and the specific services they are interested in. This helps us tailor our approach during follow-up.

If a lead is unqualified, such as when they are job seekers, we mark them as unqualified. This helps us avoid unnecessary future follow-ups for leads that are not relevant to our services.

For leads that require a more detailed assessment, especially if they’ve attached documents like PDFs, we ensure that these attachments are saved and accessible for further evaluation.

When it comes to making calls, there is an integration between Sam and HubSpot that allows us to connect with leads efficiently. When initiating a call, we first confirm whether the lead is genuinely interested and not just looking for a job. We also verify how they have interacted with our website.

To log a call in HubSpot, we follow a structured process. We have different call types, such as connect calls, exploratory calls, and onboarding calls, depending on the stage of the lead. We also have a set of questions that we ask during the call to qualify the lead. These questions help us understand the lead’s needs, timeline, budget, and decision-making process.

If the lead expresses interest in meeting with our CEO or director, we schedule a meeting with them. The scheduling process is streamlined, taking into account the lead’s location and preferred meeting time.

Before the meeting, we provide the lead with a meeting brief, which includes essential information about the meeting, such as the date and time, the company name, the person they are meeting, and any relevant LinkedIn profiles or contact details. This helps the lead prepare for the meeting and ensures that they are well-informed.

In some cases, we may also send a reminder to the lead, especially if the meeting is some time away. This reminder contains crucial information that will help them get the most out of the upcoming meeting.

By following this structured approach, we effectively manage inbound leads, ensuring that we qualify them, provide the necessary information, and schedule meetings when required. This process helps us maximize our chances of converting leads into clients while providing a positive and organized experience for potential customers.

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Alaa Ismail is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, startup mentor, pitch competition judge and advisor with more than 16 years of experience in the trade and exhibition industry. The crux of his entrepreneurial career has been in the trade industry, most notably, founding and running AladdinB2B, an online platform that is transforming the global B2B trade industry with online, hybrid, and in-person solutions.

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