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Welcome to this video where we’ll be discussing the new design updates for the directory. Let’s go through the key points that we need to address.

First off, we need the possibility to show and hide columns. This can be achieved by adding an “”Add”” button or an option in the settings. When a column is selected, it should appear in the data list, and we should also be able to remove or add columns that come from our system.

The second issue is related to the order feature, which currently isn’t functioning correctly. We need to fix this so that it works smoothly.

Additionally, we want to improve the user experience by ensuring that when filters are applied, the pop-up dialogue should automatically hide.

Now, when opening the second or third level, we observed that when switching tabs, the main filter updates, but the already opened ones are still visible. This is incorrect; they should be hidden when switching tabs.

Moving on to the design aspect, we have a card displaying various details fetched from the API. We plan to add support for multiple wish lists, so users can select which wish list they want to add the item to from a dropdown.

Upon adding to the wish list, users will receive a success message like “”Added to wish list.”” Moreover, for items already in a wish list, we’ll include an indicator showing which wish list they belong to.

It’s important to retain the three-dot menu on the card, including the options for “”Company Profile”” and “”Delete.”” Note that only admins can see the “”Delete”” option based on user permissions.

Expanding the card in the directory will show additional details, such as what the company offers and what they are looking for. In the new design, these details will be presented in a text format, arranged neatly.

The “”About Company”” section will include a brief company description, and we’ll have the “”Key Indicators,”” which can be presented as three distinct options.

So, our main tasks involve working on the data list functionality and implementing the new layout for the directory.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I hope everything is clear for you now. Thank you for watching!

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