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The company’s full onboarding process is a well-structured and efficient system that encompasses several stages, starting from raw data collection and culminating in matching the right candidates to suitable positions. Below is an overview of each step:

  1. Raw Data Collection: The onboarding process begins with the collection of raw data from various sources, such as online job portals, resumes submitted by applicants, and internal job postings. This data includes candidates’ qualifications, work experience, skills, and other relevant information.
  2. Data Cleaning and Validation: Before proceeding with matching, the raw data is cleaned and validated to ensure accuracy and consistency. This involves removing duplicates, correcting errors, and standardizing data formats for easy comparison and analysis.
  3. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integration: The cleaned data is then integrated into the company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS serves as a central repository for all candidate information and simplifies the recruitment process by streamlining data management and candidate tracking.
  4. Job Position and Skills Mapping: HR and hiring managers collaborate to define the requirements for each job position. This includes identifying essential skills, qualifications, and experience necessary for the role. The job position and skills mapping provide a clear framework for candidate evaluation.
  5. Candidate Assessment: Applicants are evaluated based on their qualifications, experience, and skills, as well as other relevant factors like cultural fit and potential for growth within the company. Different assessment methods, such as interviews, technical tests, and behavioral assessments, may be employed to gauge candidates’ suitability.
  6. Candidate Ranking and Scoring: To ensure an objective evaluation, candidates are ranked and scored based on their performance in the assessment stage. This step helps in identifying top candidates who closely match the job position requirements.
  7. Machine Learning and AI Matching: The company may leverage machine learning and AI algorithms to enhance the matching process. These technologies analyze candidate data and job requirements to identify the most suitable matches, improving the accuracy and efficiency of the matching process.
  8. Shortlisting and Interview Selection: The highest-scoring candidates are shortlisted for further consideration. HR and hiring managers collaborate to finalize the selection of candidates who will be invited for interviews.
  9. Interviewing and Decision Making: Shortlisted candidates undergo a series of interviews with different stakeholders, including hiring managers and team members. Based on the interview feedback and overall fit, the final decision on hiring is made.
  10. Offer and Onboarding: Once the ideal candidate is selected, the company extends a formal job offer, including salary, benefits, and other pertinent details. Upon acceptance, the new employee enters the onboarding phase, which involves integrating them into the company culture and providing the necessary training and resources to ensure a smooth transition into their new role.


The full onboarding process, from raw data to matching, ensures that the company identifies the best candidates for open positions, thereby contributing to the growth and success of the organization.

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