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Building a Targeted Prospect List

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Guiding through the process of creating an ideal target profile (ITP) using the Aladdin hub. The speaker outlines the steps involved in preparing the profile for a client, Carbon Labs, providing a comprehensive walkthrough of the entire procedure.

The speaker begins by introducing the topic at 0:09, expressing an intent to share the process of preparing an ideal target profile. The Aladdin hub is mentioned as the platform for this task.

At 0:28, the speaker navigates to the directory, emphasizing the simplicity of the process. They proceed to load and display the client’s ideal target profile, emphasizing the significance of the information filled out by the client.

The focus then shifts to searching for the specific company, Carbon Labs, starting from 1:00. The speaker demonstrates how to access the company page and create a new ITP, providing step-by-step guidance.

A crucial aspect of the ITP creation is defining the target location, highlighted at 1:37. The example mentions the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the selection of specific countries within the region.

The speaker delves into the criteria for the ideal target audience, identifying retailers, investors, enterprise, and corporate sectors at 2:16. The discussion extends to the following week, suggesting a broader exploration of companies that align with the client’s goals.

Throughout the process, the speaker emphasizes the importance of details, including the target positions (C level, EP level) and examples of the client’s current website, key clients (e.g.,, Microsoft), and competitors’ websites (Vera org, your earth).

Keyword addition is introduced at 5:46, where the speaker suggests relevant keywords such as “real offsets” and “carbon emissions.” The demonstration includes checking existing keywords and adding new ones to optimize the search.

The speaker concludes the process by naming the ITP (Ro Carbon Graves) and submitting it at 7:31. The finished ITP is visible at the bottom of the page.

In summary, this comprehensive guide provides a detailed overview of creating an ideal target profile on the Aladdin hub, covering location selection, audience criteria, website details, competitor analysis, and keyword optimization. The step-by-step walkthrough ensures clarity for the audience, making it a valuable resource for individuals seeking to navigate the Aladdin hub effectively.

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