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The process of data research outside Aladdin involves several steps to build a comprehensive list of companies and contacts tailored to the Ideal Target Profile (ITP). Here’s an overview of the beginner’s training process:

The first step is to understand the client’s requirements, which are outlined in the ITP. This includes analyzing aspects such as targeted industry sectors, key persons, geographical preferences, employee size, and revenue mentioned in the ITP.

Using Google and other search engines like LinkedIn or Sales Navigator, beginners can generate a list of companies based on the ITP criteria. This involves conducting refined searches using specific keywords and filters to narrow down the results.

Once potential companies are identified, the next step is to gather static details about them. This includes information such as company name, website address, postal code, industry type, employee size, and turnover. These details can usually be found on the company’s website or through professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

Contact details can be obtained through various sources. Company websites often provide contact information on pages like “Contact Us” or “About Us.” Additionally, LinkedIn can be a valuable resource for finding specific contacts within a company, based on their job titles and roles.

Verifying the accuracy of contact information is crucial. This involves checking the current employment status of the contact and ensuring that their details align with the ITP criteria. Contacts with relevant job titles and recent employment history are more likely to be valid.

Email is a common mode of contact, and there are methods for finding work email addresses, such as searching LinkedIn profiles or using email finding tools. It’s important to verify formatted emails to ensure they are valid and deliverable.

In addition to email, finding work phone or mobile numbers can enhance contact options. These can sometimes be found on LinkedIn profiles or through publicly listed company directories. There are also tools available for finding contact information, although they may have limitations on free usage.

Throughout the process, it’s essential to maintain quality leads by verifying information and ensuring it aligns with the client’s requirements. Learning these techniques is a journey, and each step contributes to building effective data research skills.

In summary, the beginner’s training overview covers understanding client requirements, generating company lists, gathering static details, obtaining contact information, verifying accuracy, and utilizing various tools and methods for effective data research outside Aladdin.

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