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Aladdin Academy Admin Complete Guide

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In today’s comprehensive walkthrough, we navigated the process of grading a course, incorporating various elements such as lessons, exams, and certificates on Aladdin Academy’s admin interface. The tutorial began with the essential step of logging in as an admin on the VP admin portal, emphasizing the distinction between admin and student logins.

The focus then shifted to the creation of a new course, where attention to detail was crucial in specifying course names, durations, and content types. The presenter highlighted the importance of referencing provided spreadsheets for accurate data input. The course creation process involved sections and lessons, demonstrating how to effectively copy and paste content, manage resources, and structure the course for optimal engagement.

Moving on, the tutorial seamlessly transitioned to the creation of exams or quizzes within the course. The presenter guided users through the steps of setting up multiple-choice questions, specifying correct answers, and determining grading criteria. The intricacies of exam creation were explored, including considerations for custom points, descriptions, hints, and explanations.

With the course and exams in place, the tutorial progressed to the final phase: attaching certificates to the course. The presenter elucidated the duplication and customization of certificates, emphasizing the need for unique background selections and the inclusion of crucial details such as QR codes, student names, and course information. The completed certificate was seamlessly integrated into the course settings.

A notable aspect of the tutorial was the emphasis on cleanliness and organization, demonstrated by careful management of the course creation interface. The presenter cautioned against leaving test courses visible and explained the importance of marking courses as private or draft when necessary.

As a conclusion, the tutorial underscored the significance of deleting unnecessary elements cautiously, with a reminder about the irreversible nature of permanently deleting items. The presenter also extended an invitation for further assistance and clarification, emphasizing their readiness to help users navigate the course creation process effectively.

In essence, this detailed walkthrough provided a comprehensive guide for administrators on Aladdin Academy, ensuring a thorough understanding of the course creation, examination, and certification processes.

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