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Aladdin Academy is your key to unlocking a life of freedom, empowerment, and endless opportunity. We offer practical, tailored business education that’s immediately applicable, allowing you to learn what you truly desire, from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and a passion to learn. Experience the joy of working and learning on your terms, traveling the world, and being close to your loved ones. With Aladdin Academy, education, freedom, and prosperity are within your grasp, making your professional dreams a reality.
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Popular Courses

Basic Market Research

The process of data research outside Aladdin involves several steps to build a comprehensive list of companies and contacts tailored …

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On ground Team Portal

It seems like you’re giving an overview of recent updates and features in a tool or platform, possibly related to …

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Create amazing AI VO in minutes

We’ll explore how to create a voiceover using AI on a website called Synthesia. The process is straightforward and involves …

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Strategic Communication Essentials

Strategic Communication Essentials

The presenter discusses the communication strategy with start-ups for an upcoming trade show, focusing on the business matchmaking aspect of …

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Email Templates

This event focuses on facilitating connections between investors and startups, and our goal is to tailor our communication to both …

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How To Manage Your Files

In our ongoing effort to enhance the efficiency of our operations at Aladdin Academy, I wanted to address a challenge …

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Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Code of Conduct, a vital component of our Human Resources department. This comprehensive guide, created using Amazon …

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How to create Success Stories

the process of creating a promotional video for Aladdin, focusing on customer testimonials and key features. The speaker emphasizes the …

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Understanding Your Client

A detailed exploration of the essential steps involved in successfully onboarding a new client during a training session. The session …

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Building a Targeted Prospect List

Guiding through the process of creating an ideal target profile (ITP) using the Aladdin hub. The speaker outlines the steps …

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How to sign up for Aladdin Academy

How to sign up for Aladdin Academy

Discover the seamless registration journey on Aladdin Academy’s website as we guide you from accessing the homepage to signing up …

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Globally Recognized Certifications

Join the 165,000+ professionals who’ve grown their careers by getting certified with HubSpot Academy.

Lead Generation

Attract leads, engage prospects, and delight customers using the inbound methodology.

Appointment setting

Extend your reach and generate leads with a multi-channel social media strategy.

Aladdin Technology

Communicate with impact, drive growth, and deliver revenue with strategic email.

Customer Success

Fuel your business by creating and promoting remarkable content.


Get certified. Grow your pipeline. Close more deals. Grow your career.


Get certified. Grow your pipeline. Close more deals. Grow your career.

Learn New Skills

Get up to speed quickly on popular business topics with our free courses.

Earn Recognition

Grow your career by completing certifications and adding industry-recognized badges to your LinkedIn profile.

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Advance your career

Invest in yourself and your career by staying up to date on the latest trends in digital marketing, sales, customer support, and more.

Show off your skills

Add a globally recognized certification to your LinkedIn profile to show your employer — or future employer — you know your stuff.

Grow Your Business

Build your business strategy on the inbound methodology to generate more leads, close more deals, and delight your customers.